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Sailing Highs & Lows – Part Two

With an eight-year sailing adventure under our belts, in the final of our two blogs about our best and worst bits, we spill the beans about our favourite and not-so-favourite countries; our best underwater experiences; what we learnt about ourselves... Continue Reading →

So What Were Our Best (& Worst) Bits?

Eight years ago, we stepped off the treadmill and into a life of adventure and challenges. At first, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but we soon got the travel bug when our passion for sailing... Continue Reading →

Plan B And Plan Sea…

In a strange twist of fate this week, we find ourselves moving to the Isle of Wight...which will be cause for a celebration, as it’s our first real place to call home since we sold our boat in Australia in... Continue Reading →

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

Life on land may not be as adventurous as being at sea, but it’s certainly full of as many challenges.  I frequently find myself uttering, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” which relates to the fact that we have found ourselves... Continue Reading →

Selling Up – A New Adventure For Two Drifters

When we left the UK in February 2014, we originally set a limit of five years to slowly sail around the world.  Eight years later and with a multitude of fabulous memories, stupendous highs and more than our fair share... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Australia – Stormy Weather

The last few days have been extraordinarily calm with flat seas, bright sunshine and stunning sunsets, but sadly no wind, so we’ve been bobbing along with the engine on. But you know what they say about the calm before the... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Australia – Sunset Strip

After a stonking few days of sailing, the wind finally died and the engines went on. In a blink, the sea state turned from wavy into a flat, glassy pool. It would have been so easy to jump in for... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Australia – Prepping For 14 Days In Quarantine

As we reach the halfway mark – 750 miles sailed so far - the big topic of conversation on board is our mandatory 14 days’ hotel quarantine in Brisbane. We know that once the boat is docked at Rivergate Marina,... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Australia – The Sky’s The Limit

The sea has settled down, the wind is holding steady and we’re busting a grove doing an average of 7 knots. It’s great sailing at its best! As the day ends, we each do a five-hour night shift, usually sitting... Continue Reading →

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