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Sailing To Brazil – Our Final Leg

For a while the seas were flat, almost glassy and, with no wind, we had a calm start to the 240-nautical-mile motor from Fernando de Noronha to Cabedelo. That said, the heavens have opened on us this morning and given... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – One More Sleep

This leg is up there as being one of the most frustrating and stressful trips for us to date. It’s been particularly dramatic since leaving St Helena, but we’ve proved one thing. When faced with a complete disaster and over... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – Digging Deep

This leg has now become a marathon and we’re having to dig deep to keep focused while getting used to a gruelling shift pattern. Ferg, Ian and Ann are experienced helmspeople, so are sharing the need to hand steer; I’m... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – Houston, we have a problem!

At sunset on Thursday, our joy of using ‘Harry’ the second autopilot came to an abrupt end. Just as we were making a sail change and taking the parasail down, ‘Harry’ malfunctioned. He decided to follow ‘William’ and right royally... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – The Drama Continues

Wednesday evening and we were listening to the sounds of catchy Brazilian music as the sun went down. Ferg was at the back of the boat barbequing burgers, halloumi and bacon; the cooking smells were divine. Ian went to reel... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – Dolphins & Destination Dining

It’s 5am and I’m on night watch with Ferg. The parasail is back out and we’re sailing well – in fact we’re stonking along at over 8kts. The full moon is still lighting up the sky to the west; it... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – Speedy Sunday

Well the wind got the better of us, not once, but twice yesterday – and both times without prior warning. On our sunrise shift, a 27kt gust hit the parasail hard and, due to the heavy swell as the boat... Continue Reading →

Sailing To Brazil – An Eventful First Day!

The locals in St Helena advised there was an unusual 2.2 metre swell picking up from the north on Friday, which would make the anchorage uncomfortable and landing on the dockside rather difficult, if not impossible. An in-depth look at... Continue Reading →

St Helena – Stepping Back in Time

We love exploring new destinations. It’s not just a case of visiting somewhere new, but our intrepid curiosity encourages us to see as much as we can, especially by sampling the local dishes and drinks and trying out different experiences... Continue Reading →

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