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Sailing Off The Grid In The South Pacific (Part Two)

While the weather was changeable; we hadn’t bargained on so many thunderstorms during our stay on the uninhabited atoll of Tahanea. One night, it was especially bad with 40kts of wind in the squalls and powerful forked -lightning that commandeered... Continue Reading →

Sailing Off The Grid In The South Pacific (Part One)

We’ve been lucky enough to visit many deserted islands on our travels, but have never really been that far from civilisation or communications. So how would we cope for almost a fortnight on an uninhabited atoll in the heart of... Continue Reading →

Dances With Whales

There was something so incredibly special - if not a tiny bit terrifying - about being in the open ocean, just feet away from two large humpback whales. I watched in sheer amazement, awe and joy as these majestic mammals... Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes In Paradise

Behind the scenes of Two Drifters basking in paradise, we’re in bit a of a dilemma. Since coronavirus forced almost all borders in the South Pacific to close, and to remain closed, our plans for the season have gone into... Continue Reading →

Postcard From The Real Bora Bora

It’s Sunday afternoon and the sounds of soulful music can be heard on the shore where there’s a BBQ taking place. A party boat passes in front of us and people smile and wave. Kids are playing in the shallow... Continue Reading →

Pearls Of Wisdom

French Polynesia is famous for Tahitian pearls - better known as black pearls – an organic gem fashioned from the black lip oyster. The pearls come in a variety of colours, with overtones and hues of dark green, aubergine and... Continue Reading →

Step Back In Time

Exploring Mo’orea on a scooter, I felt both saddened and elated. Despite restrictions in French Polynesia easing in the past couple of weeks, the majority of resorts, shops, restaurants and bars on this beautiful island are still closed. The tourism... Continue Reading →

Marquesas to Tahiti- Feeling Fruity

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the sumptuous fruit we picked up in Nuku Hiva. At US$65 for a week’s worth of fruit and veg, along with a chunk of brie and camembert, it was expensive, but impressive in quality. The pamplemouses... Continue Reading →

Marquesas to Tahiti-Black As Thunder

Visualise the deepest, darkest shade of black you can, and that’s the colour of the cloud that is crossing our path right now. The stars are completely blanketed by blackness. It’s 8pm, and I’ve been on night watch for an... Continue Reading →

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